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Services and Prices

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Initial Consultation (20 min) Free

Provides an opportunity to discuss current struggles, requirements and expectations of therapy.

Full Therapeutic Assessment and Care Plan (1-2 hours) 

A comprehensive therapeutic assessment to establish current mental health struggles. This includes exploration of symptoms, how this impacts your life, and what you hope your future to look like. It can be very stressful to recount historical context when safety and trust has not yet been established, therefore, it is not necessary, nor is it advisable to do so at this stage. It is important for current risk to be understood. The outcome is that a tailored mental health care plan package that is specific to your individual therapeutic needs is put in place. 

As a result your sessions are focused and you are aware of the work required. You are enabled to track your own progress and resolve any setbacks or rupture.

It is possible that some may have had a full assessment and diagnosis and therefore this is not needed. It is also possible that some wish to take this at a slower more flexible pace where these are explored within sessions and care plan gradually created.

Face to Face and Remote Psychotherapy (50min)

Usually weekly sessions - day/evening with short term, long term or open ended contracts. Tailored to suit your requirements

Please note that TSWC is relocating to London for September 2024. Continuing to offer sessions remotely. Face to face sessions will be resumed September 2024. Opportunity for assessment will be made available in August 2024. 

Please enquire for pricing

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